Promotions are always a welcome sight anytime you come into contact with a new gaming casino; they tend to spice up the already competitive offering that most gaming spots provide in this new, digital era. Playing games for free is fun enough; but little beats the idea that you can get free stuff, or be opened up to awesome opportunities at extra cash, just for becoming a loyal gamer in the house.

Casino Golden Lion is happy to extend their in-house promotions to you; and boy, are they truly one of a kind in their scope. It starts off with a Welcome Bonus extraordinaire; it’s much more than the conventional Match Bonus at 250% up to a maximum $2500 that you can put down as a deposit. To keep you in high spirits and thinking thoughts of positivity, there’s a Recent Winners Section right beneath the Welcome Offer. Additionally, right underneath that, there’s a Progressive Jackpot tally and an advertisement for the most lucrative current promotion inside the casino lobby at the moment. You do have to download to take advantage of this, though, as Instant Play is a free for all that takes no money, but gives none, either.

Golden Lion Casino also offers a clear-cut $500 as a Welcome Bonus; assuming that you first deposit $500 with which to play the many slots and table games inside. It’s actually a traditional Match Bonus, and will return 100% of the value of whatever you put down as a deposit as long as yours is $500 or less. You can, if you like, spread that initial deposit over two deposits and still recoup the promotional award. The activation code for this is LION500.

Golden Lion Exclusive Slots Promotion

You know that slots are everyone's absolute favorite online casino game, right? It is for this reason that Golden Lion has an exclusive slots promotion that’s good for a maximum of $750 on your very first deposit - as long as you use that deposit to play slot games only. It’s actually a 150% slots bonus that counts for as maximum of $750; however, you can certainly receive the money by putting in less than this. The code you need to enter it is LION750.

Monthly Golden Lion Bonuses

You can also look forward to many monthly bonuses once you sign up and register a qualified account. There are all manner of combinations that end up putting more money in your casino account, so it’s worth it to check back regularly and see what’s in the queue for this month and, sometimes, for this week. As examples of promotions that Casino Golden Lion has run in the past, consider the 100% Bonus on $25 and more, or the 125% Match Bonus on deposits of $75 or more, 185% on deposits of $150 and up, or the big one at 250% on $250 minimum deposits. And keep in mind, these bonuses are not just for slot games - they also apply to the various card games inside, as well.

Slots Tournaments Promotions

Where would Golden Lion Casino be without the popular Slots Tournaments? Probably still doing pretty good; but there’s no mistake that this one draws the most consistent traffic and has the best promotions attached to the already generous prizes. There’s not much left to say about this - it has to be seen and experienced to be believed. There’s a lot of money that you’re potentially leaving on the table if you don’t try the Slots Tournaments.

To round out this section, we also present to you the Non Deposit Bonus that consists of handing out free chips without a deposit. Any applicable bonus codes will be readily discovered on the Golden Lion Casino website; these codes run at alternate times during the year, so be sure to check back regularly for more information.